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  • Used¬†Pallets
  • Combo Pallets (New/Used Mix)
  • Heat-Treated (ISPM -15) Pallets
Used Pallets
  1. AA 48x40 Club Pallets
    AA 48x40 Club Pallets
    These pallets were used only a few times and have the proper boards for the club warehouse stores (GMA). They are still used, but as uniformed as used pallets can be.
  2. #1 48x40 Used 4-way Pallets
    #1 48x40 Used 4-way Pallets
    The #1's are used by the grocery industries or by anyone asking for no double runners. They are still a GMA 4-way pallet but are used.
  3. #2 48x40 Used 4-way Pallet
    #2 48x40 Used 4-way Pallet
    These pallets were #1's, but have been repaired. Some have top or bottom deck repair and all pallets have stringer repairs. The stringers are repaired by adding another 2x4 to the original broken stringer and nailing it together. This pallet is good for everyone except club or grocery chains. Repaired, but very functional. These are double runner pallets.
  4. 48 x 48 Drum Pallets
    48 x 48 Drum Pallets
    This pallet has an extra think top deck for customers loading 55-gallon drums. The pallet is used, but very strong and with thicker runners.
  5. Block Pallets
    Block Pallets
    Pallets that are made from usually 9 blocks instead of 2x4 stringers are called block pallets. They are accessible from all four sides and are available in New and Used.
New Pallets
  1. New 48x40 Pallets
    New 48x40 Pallets
    These pallets are made from new lumber and can be made to a GMA spec. or to any custom design.
  2. Custom New Pallets
    Custom New Pallets
    New pallets that are constructed to a certain spec and are made out of all new lumber and are custom made.
  3. New/Used Combination Pallets
    New/Used Combination Pallets
    Pallets made to order from new and used lumber. They are generally more uniformed than a used pallet with a lower cost then a new pallet, up to 30% savings.
  4. Crates/Boxes
    Custom crates and boxes are available. Crates with open walls and boxes with solid walls can be custom made for any application.
  5. Double Wing Pallets/ Single Wing Pallets
    Double Wing Pallets/ Single Wing Pallets
    Double wing pallets are made with the top and bottom overhanging the stringers. The single wing is when a pallet is made with only the top deck hanging over the stringer and the bottom deck is flush.